International Trade

Nowadays it is no longer possible to operate in the globalized world without knowing its negotiation and protection mechanisms. Usage and Customs, in certain cases, still overlap in International Trade, especially the enforcement of Lex Mercatoria. Another point is taxing and commercial rules, which can generate endless conflicts if they are not well applied, especially in import and export (international purchase and sales).

The firm has contact with bi-national Chambers of Commerce and keeps a desk, such as the China Desk, with specialized lawyers fluent in Mandarin, who advise Chinese companies on establishing and negotiating with Brazil, as well as assist Brazilian companies in negotiations with the Chinese government and companies. Furthermore, this department maintains contacts with outside law firms (international), acting as partners to serve our Brazilian client abroad and our foreign client in Brazil. The firm acts in the solution of conflicts in the following segments:

  • NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operator Common Carrier) and Containers;
  • Storage (Detention and Demurrage) / Ship demurrage;
  • Maritime Breakdowns (general and usual);
  • General Foreign Trade (Exports and Imports) / Operations with ACCs and ACEs;
  • Charter and Transport Contracts / International Conventions;
  • Documentary Credit (CCI/UPC-URC) / Incoterms (Groups E, F, C, and D);
  • Trade Defense ??' Antidumping, Safeguards and Countervailing Measures;
  • Foreign Investment with the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen) and the structuring of guarantees;
  • International Jurisdiction;
  • Lex Mercatoria (application and interpretation of usage and customs);
  • Intergovernmental Organizations related to International Trade;
  • Recovery of Maritime Credits;
  • Representation with the Maritime Court and Port Authority;
  • Review and Negotiation of Naval Mortgages;
  • International Insurance;
  • International Transport of Goods (land, sea or air); and,
  • International Trade Taxation.