Election Law

At the extension of the Election Law, the actuation of the Braga Nascimento e Zilio Advogados Associados firm is segmented in three working fields: advisory to political parties and also its agents (occupying offices reached through direct vote and in commission) in the most varied matters and to the corporate class in general.

Political Parties 
Legal support on the day to day of the political parties (organization, structure and operation). 
Organizational Autonomy: Advisory in the installation of disciplinary proceedings, preparation of parties’ acts, convention, meetings, sponsorship of lawsuits, rendering of accounts, fund raising, among other activities which might require legal actuation.
Political Party Filiation: Support in the preparation of filiation files, notes in the on-line filiation system and management of the list of affiliated people (inclusions, alterations and removal of registrations of filiations).
Constitutional Actions: Advisory in the preparation and accompanying of Direct Action of Unconstitutionality,  Declaratory Action of Constitutionality and Collective Writ of Mandamus. 
Preparatory acts for campaign ??' Analysis of eligibility of the affiliated pre-candidates, pre-campaign, party propaganda, convention, preparation of events, lectures and booklets to the presumed candidate interpreting the election laws (elucidating doubts with respect to what is allowed and what is prohibited in the pre-election and election period), political education to the pre-candidates and legal advisory in the preparation of the proposals defended by the political group.
Election Period ??' Registration of candidature, definition of strategies, preparation of agreements and election receipts, submission of challenges and defense to the orders for registration of candidature. Representation, defenses, analysis of propaganda, order of right to response, registration of researches, accountability and collection and expenditure of resources.
After the Election ??' Delivery of the rendering of accounts, defense in actions aiming at the revocation of the diploma, appeal against issue, challenge action against the elective term of office, judicial investigation for abuse of economic power, corruption or fraud.
Education Courses: Courses, workshops, training and orientation to the affiliated, pre-candidates and candidates with respect to Election Laws and other subjects.
Opinions and Legal Opinions: Preparation of opinions and legal opinions in the most varied matters of the Election Laws of interest of the political parties.

Political Agents:
Legal support to the presumed citizens aiming at running for an office.
Preparatory acts: Application for candidature registration order.
Election period: integral representation to the interests of the candidate and coalition.
Opinions and Legal Opinions: Preparation of opinions and legal opinions in the most varied matters of interest of the political agents within the scope of the Election Law.

Corporate Class and Natural Persons (not having term of office or position):
Preparation of opinions and legal opinions within the Election Law field (impacts of the laws and election case law in certain corporate segment), as well as defense of its own interests (corporate or personal) in possible election demands (representation through illicit donation, donation of assets and services, etc.).